Bridging Your Education Gap with Sharon Seivert Sharon Seivert the CEO OF Core Coaching & Consulting uses the holistic, multi-dimensional approach of The Balancing Act to show companies, leaders, and individuals where they are in balance, out of balance — and why. Our expert coaches then guide groups and people through transitions to find new solutions to old problems — andContinue reading “Bridging Your Education Gap with Sharon Seivert”

Let’s Build Your Income on Demand Alex Thoric      Co-Founder of Building Income on Demand, digital marketer: Alex has been helping his clients achieve their goals through digital marketing,  A digital marketer that had great experience working with different industries such as spas, gyms, coaches, consultants, real estate, and restaurants. He’s a big sports fan. Holder of a 2nd Dan blackContinue reading “Let’s Build Your Income on Demand”

Seeing the Unknown in The Known This is one of my best delivery of Biblical and Scriptural teaching ever, it focuses primarily on the missteps of the Nation of Israel, and how their inability to heal from or escape their past always made it possible for the Spiritual enemy to create fissures of influence that took them away from theContinue reading “Seeing the Unknown in The Known”

Effortless Success with Dr. Vic Manzo Jr. My name is Dr. Vic Manzo and I am an International Business Success Coach, Chiropractor, Podcaster, 3X Author, and Speaker.      I am the founder of the Billionaire’s Success Formula where I have taught this to 100s of business owners in over 22 professions across 4 countries.       This is a formula is 15 years ofContinue reading “Effortless Success with Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.”

The Gateway to Transformation with Jesston Williams Jesston Williams is the host of The Hidden Gateway Podcast, Executive Director for Tangelic, a board member with Fund For Empowerment, and author of " In the Eye of the Father: A Memoir of Faith and Redemption."      Jesston’s complex challenges in his youth, including a near-death experience, were the catalyst to stepping into hisContinue reading “The Gateway to Transformation with Jesston Williams”

The Power To Overcome

Hi, my people, now is a good time to book your place in my Empowerment Webinar beginning on Monday 06th March 2023 at 10.00am AST. This is going to be an amazingly special event because it will be our first of its kind, we will address many aspects of Withdrawal, Anxiety, and Burnout. So, thisContinue reading “The Power To Overcome”

Having Conversations and Collaboration Peter Anthony is an author, speaker, and Master of Professional Communication. As an expert in collaboration and Peter has run workshops for thousands of people in 12 countries over 20 years. He consults with Fortune 500 companies to help them achieve better smarter outcomes from more effective internal and external relationships. His book CollabradabraContinue reading “Having Conversations and Collaboration”

Live Your Master Life With Joe Moffett CEO & Performance Coach at Master Life by Design: JOE MOFFETT: mindset coach for high performers.     Joe has been interviewing people and has been on many other people’s podcasts and YouTube shows. He has been a mindset coach for high performers for the last decade. He also worked with Tony Robbins for years, hasContinue reading “Live Your Master Life With Joe Moffett”

Joe Rockey Real Estate Genius in The Breakout Room Joe Rockey Jr created a successful real estate career beginning in the immediate aftermath of the recession of 2009. Over the years I have seen people live and work from a wide array of vantage points. Currently, I operate multiple rentals, flip, rent-to-own, and networking companies on a professional level. In the unpaid arenasContinue reading “Joe Rockey Real Estate Genius in The Breakout Room”