The Story of ”Sneaky Sophie And The Token Fairy” Angela Orams’ new book, ‘Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy’ is a magical story that teaches children that we generally want more than we need and that giving, as opposed to receiving, is often what brings the most satisfaction. In our social media-saturated me-oriented world, these lessons are more important than ever. Sneaky SophieContinue reading “The Story of ”Sneaky Sophie And The Token Fairy””

D Alexis Samuels Educating Live the founder of FinLitX/ is on a mission to revolutionize the way that financial literacy is taught and understood. Through AI and reward-based systems, the FinLitX system has already helped thousands and the new software is bringing knowledge of this much-needed skill into the digital age! To find out more,    Play the Only FinancialContinue reading “D Alexis Samuels Educating Live”