The Unseen War Part3 We look at the saga of Elijah the Prophet, and his experience with God in the Bible; he responds as a man alone, but God gives him a revelation and he changes his mindset and forges on to continue the battle.

The Unseen War Part 1 The Neverending battle for the souls of men is daily played out under the influence of two entities; God and Satan, we as humans are caught in the middle where a choice basically decides who claims us. The Scriptures show us variations of this warfare, and it is depicted in the realms of theContinue reading “The Unseen War Part 1”

DR. RON STOTTS BREAKING OUT I teach you how to access the best of who and what you are. I teach you how to discover and trust a level of insight and inner wisdom that is already innately yours. And I show you how to decrease your stress and struggle while vastly increasing fulfillment in every aspect of yourContinue reading “DR. RON STOTTS BREAKING OUT”