No More Regrets

Forget about the past, forget about tomorrow and focus on the future it is where your destiny lies, and it requires all your attention to fulfill it.

Enough of Regrets

Monologue of my personal experience and take on how regrets can sideline and sabotage the dream but can be dealt with and change is possible if you follow a set plan and system that can help minimize the damage caused by regrets. @‘s-personal-development/id1577374724

Joe Rockey Real Estate Genius in The Breakout Room

Joe Rockey Jr created a successful real estate career beginning in the immediate aftermath of the recession of 2009. Over the years I have seen people live and work from a wide array of vantage points. Currently, I operate multiple rentals, flip, rent-to-own, and networking companies on a professional level. In the unpaid arenas of life, I run the podcast Father and Joe – where we attempt to return individuals to a place of faith in their lives.    Primarily I want to help people. @


David R Edwards Teaching Live

David R. Edwards worked his way through school eventually achieving a BA in Business and MBA in Healthcare Administration.  He served mostly lower-income people on 3 continents over the last 35 years and is familiar with the challenges and unfairness of life.  In 2018 while working with doctors, dentists, counselors, and community health workers he had an epiphany.  The core challenge most people have is to generate the personal drive to direct their own life, enduring principles to guide them, and the most current science-based tools to assist them through a bumpy and messy life.  His first book “New You! Who Knew?” is an attempt to put in writing an easy-to-digest and implement guide that builds confidence, esteem, and self-compassion in balance.@‘s-personal-development/id1577374724

Procrastinate No More/The Strength To Overcome

Too many times we are forced to give up or delay a dream, an important decision, or even a career move because we just can’t seem to get out of the blocks; it’s always set aside for another time or occasion. Pay attention to how you can overcome and conquer this monster, get the strength and procrastinate No More

So many Wonderful People/ So many memories

I’m republishing this Episode because it reminds me of the folks I must salute and be grateful to for appearing on my show as we approach one year of Broadcasting. This is as much their legacy too as it is mine, so again I say THANKS and Godspeed to all of them and the rest of them who came on; so grateful to you all. @

Bennett Maxwell Baking a Franchise Live

A natural salesman, Bennett Maxwell has been making use of this gift since he was stopped from selling candy bars in elementary school.  Through his life-long entrepreneurial experience, Bennett has learned that success comes from surrounding yourself with other do-ers and is a member of the Forbes Business Council, Apex Executives, and The Power Room. You might even say that from a business perspective, Bennett is one tough cookie.     Professionally, Bennett has built successful sales teams in various industries while also building his real estate portfolio to now 20+ tenants, leading from the front by earning the title of top sales rep regularly. Co-founding Switch to Solar with his brother allowed Bennett to flex his business-building acumen and achieve a successful exit 18 short months later.

Amanda Lemond Breakout With Truth

Mandy helps others turn their “Mess, into A Message.” At the age of 7, Mandy’s father brutally murdered her mother and stabbed Mandy 13 times. He was charged and sentenced to life in prison, leaving Mandy an orphan. Daddy Warbucks never came, and Mandy aged out of foster care at 18. While in the system, she dealt with both physical and mental abuse. Later marrying a television celebrity, Mandy seemed to have a perfect life. Until her foster-adopted son, high on drugs, fired shots into the wrong house nearly killing a 5-year-old, and blinding him.