Effortless Success with Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.


My name is Dr. Vic Manzo and I am an International Business Success Coach, Chiropractor, Podcaster, 3X Author, and Speaker.      I am the founder of the Billionaire’s Success Formula where I have taught this to 100s of business owners in over 22 professions across 4 countries.       This is a formula is 15 years of my life studying quantum physics, neuroscience, universal laws, consciousness, mindset, subconscious mind, limiting beliefs, rewiring the brain, peak performance, and brain optimization, to just name a few.     This formula is universal which means you can apply it to all areas of your life, not just in business.

Through learning the different levels and steps of the formula, I teach business owners how to achieve success effortlessly.     I mean, this is why it is called, “The Billionaire’s Success Formula.” 


Published by lovebitsa

I am an Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Coach, Writer. Minister, and Singer as well as Podcast Host. I am married, and my greatest desire is to be the most relevant agent of change, bringing real value and hope to the lives of many.

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