Understanding, comprehending of humanity vs. systems WITH Michaell Magrutsche


I am a creativity and awareness educator, unveiling and promoting our limitless human potential through the awareness and wisdom of humanity that is found in artistic creativity. Contrarily to short-time knowledge of limited man-made systems like technology, economy, and businesses that drive us actually away from our human experience. I point to our untapped human abilities like our truth compass of nature and our inherent tools of creativity and healthy discourse and adaptability. I am a passionate creativity/awareness researcher that looks for true values of humanity outside of any man-made system. Humans are in a consciousness crisis thus we need something very different right now. I believe in outside-the-box problem solving to experience our human experience inclusive of nature.


Published by lovebitsa

I am an Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Coach, Writer. Minister, and Singer as well as Podcast Host. I am married, and my greatest desire is to be the most relevant agent of change, bringing real value and hope to the lives of many.

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