Kat Sohn Teaching in The Breakout Room


In 1994, when Ms. Sohn met her husband-to-be, David W. Sohn, she became exposed to a unique healing method, the Body Memory Process (BMP) – created by David in the 80s. Over the next 25 years, Ms. Sohn developed a deep understanding of the work’s underpinning research and methods through an apprenticeship. She edited and helped to write two books on the Body Memory Process and developed a comprehensive multi-media course. David passed away in 2019 but his work lives on, now available to anyone who desires to discover what might be holding them back from fulfilling their dreams or what might be causing chronic health issues.  

Published by lovebitsa

I am an Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Coach, Writer. Minister, and Singer as well as Podcast Host. I am married, and my greatest desire is to be the most relevant agent of change, bringing real value and hope to the lives of many.

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