UKRAINE/The Real Reason

While I try my utmost to stay clear of political and religious arguments, it is extremely difficult not to say several prayers on behalf of the people of Ukraine, and consider with some compassion, the great discomfort, and displacements they have suddenly been made to experience. An invasion of its borders and sovereign soil is currently underway, and there seems to be no apparent reason or explanation; except for that which was brought forward by the Russian President about his country’s rights to territories in the name of cleansing pro-nazi policies. What is my humble opinion I think he is wary of, is the desire of the Ukrainian people, to extend their pro-western policies to embrace the tenets of Democracy. Additionally, he appears to be obsessed with the fact that his nation and by extension its history, was badly hurt by the removal of Independent States moving out of the purview of the former Soviet Union. I dare wonder if he realizes that he is on the wrong side of history and that most of these nations; maybe with the exception of Belarus, are currently enjoying and are basking in their independent developments!

Then there is another train of thought; Ukraine is rich in minerals such as iron, coal, titanium, and other non-metallic raw materials. It’s the leading nation when it comes to reserves of titanium, iron, and non-metallic raw materials. Not to mention; natural gas, as a result, makes it one of the richest industrial-based nations in the world, this would be a huge shot in the arm of any nation that can by any means necessary, control such troves of natural wealth. Whatever the argument is or the rationale, the fact that this move was unprecedented in the absence of provocation from the Ukrainians should not have taken place. The time has come for International Justice to take control of this debacle, there is no other solution than to put an end to the invasion and its already crippling effects. However, the powers that be are cautious not to invoke or provoke another World war; the world is in no condition to deal with that outcome now, we are still in recovery mode from Covid. We are still coming to terms with a new way of life; a new norm, and many nations are still working on economical and social recovery, how do we stop this monstrosity without fanning the flames of what appears to be an insatiable appetite for confrontation? The Russian president basically telling the world to back off or else; this behavior seems to lack common sense, a sense of world awareness, and borders on some level of madness. The entire world’s economy can be affected if certain sanctions and measures are taken, and so whilst the people fight for their survival and independence, we must find common sense and practical means to assist and support their efforts, now is the time for sanity and sound minds to prevail. No one knows what the final outcome will be, but what we do know is that the current situation requires swift and concise action to deter or cease the unwarranted aggression. To curtail the damage that has already been done, and to bring some semblance of normalcy to the lives of the people in Ukraine, we must be our brother’s keeper, we must work feverishly to dismantle any belief that this can be accepted as normal and sought to be replicated anytime again in the future.

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I am an Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Coach, Writer. Minister, and Singer as well as Podcast Host. I am married, and my greatest desire is to be the most relevant agent of change, bringing real value and hope to the lives of many.

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