The more we ponder on the negative impacts of the pandemic, is the more power we give to it to influence our ability to respond. I want to take a moment here to compartmentalize my opening statement. Neuroscience has taught us that control is mentally subjective and emotionally passive, the reason for that is simply this; our thoughts determine our emotions. Let me further emphasize; the more we allow statistics and confusion from so many medical quarters to occupy our thoughts, is the more depressed and confused we will become. I am of the firm belief that one must set in one’s mind a particular system of references, consult a trusted and stable (family doctor) medical consultant, and then proceed to live one’s life in the knowledge that you have done all that you could for the people that matter and yourself, and then bother not with that which you have no control over. The misguided error some of us have made is to believe that we should spend time and invest resources into fighting the virus, this has proven to be unsuccessful at great costs and losses. Our combined efforts must now be focused on how to mitigate and insulate ourselves from the negative influence and fallouts of this monster. We are not prepared to fight this virus because it has created a new set of rules all on its own, and continues to mutate at a rapid rate. However, if we focus on how to contain its spread, negate its impact on our economies and lifestyle, we would be better served in the long run. Adjustments and the will to make changes are what’s necessary for coping, therefore, we must train our minds to focus on ways to innovate and increase our levels of capacity in maintaining and building on our strengths, and managing our weaknesses. Now is the time to act out of the box, and respond with intelligence and passion instead of reacting to every impact this virus makes. It has created a Mike Tyson kind of effect, and so we have been made to feel that we should react and come out swinging, but we are no match for the punches it has laid, and so the time has come for us to focus on recovery and reinvention. The virus has behaved as though it came with a well-thought-out plan, we have behaved as sentries sleeping #technology #medical on duty, and hastily trying to retrieve some semblance of control. Governments, corporate, and private sectors must now invest in technology and infrastructure, that is geared towards creating an atmosphere of anti-covid measures; we have to starve the virus by choking its fuel supply now that we know what it needs to thrive. We are best served when all stakeholders combine their efforts when we come together; instead of individuals and entities seeking glory for themselves. We can mount a global assault on this pandemic and give all of us a better percentage of survival than we currently have, but it takes a sober and humble coming together on all fronts. We have done it before (eradication of Smallpox in 1980), we can do it again. #covid

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I am an Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Coach, Writer. Minister, and Singer as well as Podcast Host. I am married, and my greatest desire is to be the most relevant agent of change, bringing real value and hope to the lives of many.

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