Once again, we are at a moment in life where at least for one day, folks will stop all other activities, to spend time with family and loved ones. We will cook our favourite meals; turkey being specially chosen, pumpkin pie and marshmallows. In the midst of this joyous escapade, there are many who are homeless, without family and loved ones; living on prayer out in the cold, and hoping each day for a miracle. The very fact that we have air to breathe, food to eat, and the warmth of a home, is within itself a miracle, but too often one that is taken for granted. In reality, we are just one step away from those that are homeless out in the cold, we are one less paycheck or missed mortgage payment away from desperation and loneliness. The world is not going to stop or stand by just waiting for us to recover, most will just move on, thinking and wondering who’s next. We need to place huge and sobering values on the lives that we live, because none of it is cast in concrete, and none of it will follow us in the grave. There are many shiny and bright moments that are priceless and rewarding, there are many days and nights of positive and endearing memories for us to recall sitting at the fireplace sipping some eggnog. There are sublime and warm waves of laughter; touching and inviting smiles to remember, memories silhouetted and etched into our minds; more precious than diamonds and riches. When we reflect on the year that has gone by thus far, what can we be thankful for, what miracles or special moments can we conjure as we reflect? There have been so many challenges, yet, there have been so many triumphs, so many pitfalls, but so many hilltops. There were many lessons to be learnt, and so much about ourselves to discover, many opportunities for collaboration, and more occasions for coming together than we care to remember. The world was made to stop for a brief but terrifying moment just to adjust and exhale, we lost hope; some of us, we lost family and friends, we lost our livelihoods and our comfort zones. We were made to embrace and accept change, a change that called for humility, one that demanded our full attention, and forever impacted upon life as we know it, but for the most part, though battered and bruised, we are still here. Beaten and displaced, but we can still lift our heads, the indomitable nature of our human spirit tested to the limit and beyond, yet surviving. What then can we take heart from? The fact that we never surrendered, we never give up, but we kept the faith, we acted outside the box, and we dared ourselves to believe beyond the limits of our earthly powers. Thanksgiving brings hope and channels a new dawning for a brighter day, and a better tomorrow, if we remain resilient, and sow the seeds of hope and love today, we can reap a harvest of benefits tomorrow. The choice is inevitably ours, and the future we yearn for must be envisaged by a mindset to seize upon every ounce of strength we possess, to welcome the process; the journey which we now must enjoy and anticipate. Let’s keep the hopes of Thanksgiving alive, as we embark upon this new chapter of life, let’s behold the mission with optimism and promise, and stoke the fires of survival and the flames of overcoming. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. LOVE ALWAYS; ANDY.

Published by lovebitsa

I am an Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Coach, Writer. Minister, and Singer as well as Podcast Host. I am married, and my greatest desire is to be the most relevant agent of change, bringing real value and hope to the lives of many.

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